Spaw Services

Whether your pooch gets dirty here or at home, you can bring home a tired, happy, CLEAN dog at the end of their day or stay. We provide everything aside from trimming/haircuts, and it makes things a breeze to pick up a clean, happy pup at the end of a regular day of daycare with us.  

As you know, a day at Country Canine Retreat is a full on country experience for your pooch – and the majority of that includes romping, rolling, running and playing outdoors in the fresh country air.  As our tag line says, CCR is a place where dogs can be dogs – and for some, that means a muddy, mucky good time!  For our regular daycare kids – ask about our “Rinse if needed” program, where we can use our judgement based on your specifications to make sure your pup is as clean (or clean-ish) as you need! 

Nail clipping ($10): Nail clipping can be added on to any daycare day à la carte.  We also have a “slow and steady” add on option ($10 additional) for those pups who need some extra time (and treats, lots of treats!) to work on acclimatizing them to the procedure via a positive reinforcement based mini training session.

Ear cleaning ($10): For relief of itchy, irritated or smelly ears, we use an alcohol free, natural Chamomile, Yucca and Clove ear wash solution.  Ear cleaning can be added on to any daycare day à la carte.

5 minute rinse ($5):  Our most popular option for our daycare kids, a 5 minute rinse gets all but the muckiest dogs freshened up and ready to go home.  It’s a thorough rinse/rubdown in warm water with a quick towel dry.  Your pup will be crated or in a private room in our Cabin after their rinse to ensure they stay clean until pick up time.

Bath for a Squeaky Clean Dog ($15-$35):  For those that need a super clean dog, our Squeaky Clean bath is a great, inexpensive option. It’s a thorough bath/scrub down and rinse, your squeaky clean pup will be towel dried and crated or in a private room in our Cabin until pick up time to ensure they stay fresh and clean.  We try hard to keep most bath costs under $25, but for our big fluffy kids who do a mud dip and need 2-3 shampoos to get clean, or for those that need an extra set of hands to feed treats so they can learn that baths aren’t a bad thing we base all charges according to time. 

Bath Plus ($25-$100, please call or email for quote):  Our most popular Spaw option and a monthly “spaw day” for a lot of our regular daycare dogs! CCR’s Bath Plus option is a true spaw experience for your pooch which includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, a blow dry and a full brush out after their thorough bath/scrub down.

De-shedding ($50-$125, please call or email for quote):   CLICK HERE to take a look at some of the awesome results from our desheds!  Awesome for pups suffering in the heat and for those owners who would prefer their homes to be a little less “hairy” on a day to day basis. This is a full on “Spaw” treatment for your pooch which includes a prebath de-shed, nail clipping and ear cleaning, followed by a full on scrub down. All of this pampering is followed up by a secondary blow out and brush de-shed treatment once they are dry and squeaky clean to ensure we get ALL of the fluff out that we can!

To add any services when you make your reservation, click on the “Additional Services” tab, select the service and click the blue “add service” button.

**Please note that we are only able to offer these services to CCR clients during daycare and do not take drop ins. Rinses, Baths, and most Bath Plus requests may be booked same day.  Appointments for XL/extra fluffy Bath Plus and de-shedding generally need to be booked at least 48 hours in advance, though if you require it on short notice, please ask as we may be able to accommodate.    

**None of the above services include any form of trimming, scissoring or clipping.  If your dog is extremely matted, we may opt to refer you to a groomer