Doggy Daycare Info

Welcome to Country Canine Retreat and thank you for checking us out!  CCR is not your average doggy daycare, and that is something we are extremely proud of. 

We are a 4 acre dog only outdoor oasis, offering a one of a kind doggy daycare “playcare” experience for dogs of all ages and all sizes in a safe, fun, educational, positive atmosphere.  We have 10 large play yards where our daycare kids are grouped with like-minded friends and are able to roam, socialize, learn, run, romp, relax, rest and explore.  We also have a number of smaller play areas for breakout sessions for one on one play, training sessions etc.

Every play yard is always equipped with stationary play equipment/enrichment areas, fresh drinking water, pools based on seasonality and ample shade or shelter depending on weather conditions. In inclement weather (heavy rain, snow, super hot) all dogs are monitored closely and given regular rest periods in our climate controlled (heat and a/c) cabin as needed.

We are considered to be an “all day, all play” dog daycare, and our team works hard each day to ensure every dog at CCR has an optimal day, every time they are here.  Each day always contains lots and lots of fresh country air,  enough exercise, play and mental stimulation to ensure they go home a fulfilled, happy, tired dog (with the much sought after “daycare hangover™”), balanced with appropriate rest or nap breaks to ensure a well balanced day.  We do not have set nap times and your dog’s rest/break schedule will always be tailored to their needs and will likely vary from day to day.

All dogs are always grouped based on size, play style and personality, whether big or small – we pay special attention to each dog in our care to ensure your pup is in the appropriate group and groups are often changed up throughout the day as energy levels adjust in order to keep everyone in sync.  Our “littles” have their very own yard (or two, depending on the day!) to ensure they can enjoy their time here safely, playing with like sized and like-minded friends without the worry of being trampled by our bigger, more rambunctious kids. Our seniors are always placed in a safe group that is able to be conscious and respectful of their space and needs for low impact interaction – those that prefer to roam, sniff and chillax by the pool, rather than running and wrestling.

We are unique in that we allow “Dogs to be Dogs” here at CCR. For the dogs that prefer it, we allow a lot of high energy play – running, playing, chasing, wrestling and more, without ever allowing it to be an uncontrolled “free for all”.  Our handlers  are experienced and well trained in order to oversee groups and ensure that even high energy play remains safe.  We work to ensure that every dog learns appropriate play behaviour, learns to read other dog’s signals and always feels safe within their pack. Using positive reinforcement training, we have a huge focus on practicing regular obedience skills in a highly distracted environment.  Recall is the main skill we practice all day long, along with impulse control, group sits, gate/door manners, no jumping up, basic manners etc.

CCR is a toy free environment for safety reasons. Though we are toy free, we are a natural environment and there will be twigs/sticks/rocks/pine cones that will turn up on a regular basis in play yards and we use low value treats in group to reinforce positive behaviours throughout the day and during our daily obedience practice sessions.  If your dog has any sort of resource guarding challenges, please contact us prior to booking a trial daycare day.

Being an outdoor based daycare, your dog will encounter grass, dirt, dust and mud puddles on a regular basis, which for them is at least half of the fun – some love to bathe in the mud puddles as often as possible!  We can send your pup home spotlessly clean if needed, or somewhere in between – please check out our rinse program, baths and other full service “spaw” services here! 

For further info, please check out our FAQ page (link coming very soon, please email or call us in the interim!). If we’ve answered all of your questions and you would like to have your dog join our pack, please go here to register as a new client.  Once you’ve registered, you can select a trial daycare day (Monday through Friday only, 6:30am-8am drop off required for trial day or weekends with a drop off between 9-10am.  No Friday trial days, please!) and you will receive a confirmation back.  Please take the time to fill in the questionnaire on your pup with as much detail as possible – the more information we have, the better equipped we are to set your dog up for success here at Country Canine Retreat!

Surrey’s Country Canine Retreat Doggy Daycare pricing:

 Pkg Daily RatePkg CostGSTTotal
Drop in$40.00 $2.00$42.00
5 day package$38.00$190.00$9.50$199.50
10 day package$37.00$370.00$18.50$388.50
20 day package$35.00$700.00$35.00$735.00
2nd dog, same family rates:Pkg Daily RatePkg CostGSTTotal
Drop in$38.00 $1.90$39.90
5 day package$36.00$180.00$9.00$189.00
20 day package$33.00$660.00$33.00$693.00

*all packages have a 60 day expiry from the date of purchase

*prices are subject to change without notice

*2nd dogs MUST live in the same household with the same ownership and must arrive/leave together with the same person in order to be eligible for the family discount or to utilize the discounted packages.

*All daycare packages are 100% non-refundable under any circumstances. Daycare packages can not be used towards any other services, including overnight care.